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July 2007

Atrial Electrograms After Cardiac Surgery: Survey of Clinical Practice

May 2007

Improving Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: The Australian Experience
Attitudes Toward and Beliefs About Family Presence: A Survey of Healthcare Providers, Patients’ Families, and Patients
Prevalence and Consequences of Nonadherence to Hemodialysis Regimens

March 2007

Empowering critical care nurses to improve Compliance with protocols in the intensive care unit
Physiological Monitoring for Critically Ill Patients: Testing a Predictive Model for the Early Detection of Sepsis

January 2007

Rotational Bed Therapy to Prevent and Treat Respiratory Complications: A Review and Meta-Analysis
Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion in the Intensive Care Unit: Limitations and Consequences

November 2006

State of the Heart: Building Science to Improve Women’s Cardiovascular Health
Effect of Continuous Display of Cerebral Perfusion Pressure on Outcomes in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury
Hemodynamic Changes During Discontinuation of Mechanical Ventilation in Medical Intensive Care Unit Patients

September 2006

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery and Cognitive Performance

July 2006

Postoperative Nursing Care of Gastric Bypass Patients

May 2006

Authentic Leaders Creating Healthy Work Environments for Nursing Practice
Elevated Cardiac Troponin Levels in Critically Ill Patients: Prevalence, Incidence, and Outcomes

March 2006

Assessing Nutritional Status in Chronically Critically Ill Adult Patients

January 2006

Providing a “Good Death”: Critical Care Nurses’ Suggestions for Improving End-of-Life Care
Patients’ Recollections of Therapeutic Paralysis in the Intensive Care Unit

November 2005

Family Presence During Resuscitation: A Critical Review of the Literature
Factors That Enable or Complicate End-of-Life Transitions in Critical Care
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