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May 2018

Critical Care Nurses’ Experiences With Spiritual Care: The SPIRIT Study

March 2018

Association Between Enteral Feeding, Weight Status, and Mortality in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
Validation of a Postextubation Dysphagia Screening Tool for Patients After Prolonged Endotracheal Intubation
Lack of Association of High Backrest With Sacral Tissue Changes in Adults Receiving Mechanical Ventilation

January 2018

Predictors of Moral Distress in a US Sample of Critical Care Nurses
Measurement of Physiological Monitor Alarm Accuracy and Clinical Relevance in Intensive Care Units
Nurses’ Sedation Practices During Weaning of Adults From Mechanical Ventilation in an Intensive Care Unit

November 2017

Effect of Meaningful Recognition on Critical Care Nurses’ Compassion Fatigue
Testing Placement of Gastric Feeding Tubes in Infants
Patients’ Outcomes After Acute Respiratory Failure: A Qualitative Study With the PROMIS Framework

September 2017

Post–Intensive Care Syndrome in Family Decision Makers of Long-term Acute Care Hospital Patients
Enrollment Challenges in Critical Care Nursing Research
Palliative Care Professional Development for Critical Care Nurses: A Multicenter Program

July 2017

Pediatric Skin Failure
Factors Influencing Patients’ Sleep in the Intensive Care Unit: Perceptions of Patients and Clinical Staff
Mechanical Ventilation and Cytopathological Changes in the Oral Mucosa

May 2017

Patient and Family Experience: A Comparison of Intensive Care and Overall Hospitalization
Family Presence During Trauma Resuscitation: Family Members’ Attitudes, Behaviors, and Experiences
Organizational Domains and Variation in Attitudes of Intensive Care Providers Toward the ABCDE Bundle

March 2017

Stress and Coping of Critical Care Nurses After Unsuccessful Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
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