CE Articles

February 2018

The Fontan Procedure for Single-Ventricle Physiology
Changing the Time of Blood Collection to Determine Vancomycin Concentrations in Intensive Care Unit Patients
Letting the Patient Decide: A Case Report of Self-Administered Sedation During Mechanical Ventilation

December 2017

Identifying Information Resources for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit and Their Families
Family Support During Resuscitation: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Perceptions of Families of Intensive Care Unit Patients Regarding Involvement in Delirium-Prevention Activities: A Qualitative Study

October 2017

Open Abdomen in Trauma and Critical Care
Pressure Injuries in Critical Care: A Survey of Critical Care Nurses
Reducing Carbapenem Exposure: Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Management

August 2017

Levamisole-Adulterated Cocaine Leading to Fatal Vasculitis: A Case Report
Place Atrium to Water Seal (PAWS): Assessing Wall Suction Versus No Suction for Chest Tubes After Open Heart Surgery
Hemostatic Management of Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy

June 2017

Delirium in Children: Identification, Prevention, and Management
Nurse-Directed Blood Glucose Management in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
Prophylactic Acid-Suppressive Therapy in Hospitalized Adults: Indications, Benefits, and Infectious Complications

April 2017

Passive Leg-Raising and Prediction of Fluid Responsiveness: Systematic Review
Consequences of Transfusing Blood Components in Patients With Trauma: A Conceptual Model
Advancements in Pacemaker Technology: The Leadless Device

February 2017

Delirium in Trauma Patients: Prevalence and Predictors
Reducing Acute Kidney Injury Due to Contrast Material: How Nurses Can Improve Patient Safety