The nurse practitioner in pediatric critical care is a distinct advanced practice nursing role that has seen a tremendous increase in development and implementation over the past 10 years. There is a paucity of literature on this unique and valuable role. A total of 74 nurse practitioners practicing in pediatric critical care were surveyed. Part I of the survey solicited descriptive information of the nurse practitioner including background, work environment, reporting structure, and salary. The respondents also identified their role responsibilities that included direct patient management, nursing and medical education, coordination of care, research, and consultation. Part II of the questionnaire addressed skill level and need for supervision for technical procedures and leadership activities. These respondents described expert or proficient skill levels for the majority of technical procedures (ie, lumbar puncture, central line placement) and leadership activities (ie, discharge planning, participation in medical rounds). This is the first published report to delineate the role of the nurse practitioner in pediatric critical care based on responses from a national survey.

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