Bedside ultrasound technology is an innovative, cost-effective, safe, and reproducible method used to make efficient decisions that directly affect the care of critical care patients.


To validate the use of ultrasound technology when compared with the use of standard chest radiography for the detection of pneumothorax following chest tube removal.


A prospective observational comparison study of 50 cardiothoracic patients with surgically placed pleural chest tubes was conducted. The accuracy of bedside ultrasound technology was compared with standard chest radiography to detect pneumothorax.


The sample κ statistic was 1.000, indicating a perfect agreement between bedside ultrasonography and chest radiography in the detection of pneumothorax. Completion of the bedside ultrasound procedure took significantly less time than chest radiography.


Bedside ultrasound technology is as accurate as chest radiography in detecting pneumothorax following chest tube removal and can save institutions’ time and money.

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