Evidence-based practice (EBP) has become more than just a trendy buzzword in health care; EBP validates care delivery methods and grants satisfaction to nurses in knowing the care they provide is based on valid, current information. Research-based enhancements are paramount to the advancement of nursing practice and prompt the implementation of creative methods to improve care. The advent of the tele–intensive care unit (ICU) introduces new members of the health care team to assist with implementation of EBP initiatives. This new partnership results in improved length of stay, mortality rates, and ventilator times for critical care patients. Current literature suggests that a clinician-driven, standardized ventilator management protocol is of significant benefit. Tele-ICU clinicians provide an interactive element to coordinate interdisciplinary team efforts. Enhanced communication, data evaluation, and timely intervention expedite the weaning process and reduce ventilator length of stay. Consistent collaboration between tele-ICU and bedside clinicians successfully improves patient outcomes through standardized adherence to best-practice initiatives.

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