The Technology Today column is being reignited amidst a frenzy of new technological developments, setting the stage for an unprecedented transformation in health care. Technology is, in fact, the “growling engine of change” that underlies the rapid revolution we are experiencing. To lay the proper foundation, this column focuses on the fuel that drives technology and digitization and describes where we are today and how digitization is propelling us into the future.

If you step back and look at the whole picture of the world, and not just health care, you will see we are living in a period of astonishing progress. To really grasp the incredible magnitude of change, think about mobile phones, and ask yourself, “Why do we even call them phones anymore?” They are so much more.

Mobile phones contain not just telephones but also cameras, clocks, stopwatches, calendars, flashlights, photo albums, voice and video recorders,...

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