In the last column of Technology Today, we discussed practice–based evidence (PBE), and I promised to deliver the “what’s next” in this issue. PBE is deriving its momentum and its contributions through dramatic progress in computing power, cloud-based big data, and better algorithms. Add to this the increasing connectivity of people with technology and the next generation—evidence-based living (EBL)—is arriving.

Evidence-based living is about expanding people’s self-care with current science that uses new pathways enabled by technology and information to maximize health. It is a game changer in the digital age, closing the science–health gap for people by moving necessary tools and information for health promotion and health care into homes, workplaces, schools, restaurants, vacation destinations—everywhere. This column of Technology Today examines the growing field of EBL, including implications for nurses.

Most health care already occurs outside of the health care system. Unfortunately, this space is ill-equipped to support optimal...

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