Acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs) entering the current job market or relocating must be able to sell their personal and professional attributes to potential employers. In many areas, health care providers may be unfamiliar with the scope of practice and competencies of en ACNP. As a result, ACNPs will be required to educate potential employers as they simultaneously negotiate for a position. A well-prepared proposal is one tool the ACNP can use to educate the health care team and to build a strong base Tor negotiations. Successful negotiations also depend on the attitude projected by the ACNP. An attitude that projects an unwavering belief in the value and benefits of the ACNP can enhance the negotiator’s position and improve the chances for success. Creating the proposal and developing attitudes for success can be accomplished through an organized process of preparing for negotiations. The purpose of this article is to describe the attitude needed for success, the steps in preparing for negotiation, and the development of an ACNP proposal

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