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Healthy Work Environment

Beverly Ann M. Howell
Battling Burnout at the Frontlines of Healthcare Amid COVID-19

Anton Mlikotic & Dawna Willsey
Creating Solutions for Meeting the Challenges of Maintaining a Healthy Work Practice: Our Experience at a County Hospital

Nancy Blake
Caring for the Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cynda Rushton & Sharon Pappas
Systems to Address Burnout and Support Well-Being: Implications for Intensive Care Unit Nurses

Elizabeth Epstein, Julie Haizlip, Joan Liaschenko, David Zhao, Rachel Bennett, & Mary Faith Marshall
Moral Distress, Mattering, and Secondary Traumatic Stress in Provider Burnout: A Call for Moral Community

Kathryn Cochran, Kathleen Doo, Allison Squires, Tina Shah, Seppo Rinne, & Meredith Mealer
Addressing Burnout Syndrome From a Critical Care Speciality Organization Perspective

Elaine Cheung, Alison Hernandez, Emma Herold, & Judith Moskowitz
Positive Emotion Skills Intervention to Address Burnout in Critical Care Nurses 

Katherine Reed, Kathryn Cochran, Anthony Edelblute, Daniel Manzanares, Hillary Sinn, Michael Henry, & Marc Moss
Creative Arts Therapy as a Potential Intervention to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilience in Health Care Professionals

Maria Jesusa Ulit, Monique Eriksen, Sreedevi Warrier, Kelly Cardenas-Lopez, Debbie Cenzon, Elizabeth Leon, & Jacqueline A. Miller 
Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Supporting a Healthy Work Environment

Sandy Hall, Suzanne Taylor, & Charissa Altobar 
Transitions to Practice: Onboarding Components for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments

Catherine J. Goodhue and Deborah G. Harris

Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction and the Healthy Work Environment 

Beth Fitzpatrick, Kelsey Bloore, and Nancy Blake

Joy in Work and Reducing Nurse Burnout: From Triple Aim to Quadruple Aim 

Nancy Blake

Creating Healthy Work Environments: Our Voice, Our Strength 

Michael H. Ackerman

Silence: A Never Event 

Hui-wen Sato

Building Healthier Workplaces by Giving Space for Work-Related Grief 

Nancy Blake

Resilience During Difficult Times in Health Care 

Nancy Blake

Staffing Challenges Today 

Kenneth John Oja
Incivility and Professional Comportment in Critical Care Nurses 

Lesly Kelly and Michael Todd

Compassion Fatigue and the Healthy Work Environment 

Meredith Mealer, Rachel Hodapp, David Conrad, Sona Dimidjian, Barbara O. Rothbaum, and Marc Moss

Designing a Resilience Program for Critical Care Nurses 

Nancy Blake and Mara Collins
Importance of Healthy Work Environment Education in Nursing Schools 

Nancy Blake

The Importance of a Balanced Life for Nurses 

Nancy Blake

Building Respect and Reducing Incivility in the Workplace: Professional Standards and Recommendations to Improve the Work Environment for Nurses 

Nancy Blake

Programs That Support a Healthy Work Environment 

Nida Sulit Oriza, Victoria Winter, and Flerida Imperial-Perez

Shared Governance for a Healthy Work Environment in a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit 

Nancy Blake
Barriers to Implementing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments 

Nancy Blake

The Nurse Leader’s Role in Supporting Healthy Work Environments 

Nancy Blake

The Healthy Work Environment Standards: Ten Years Later 

Marian Grant

Resolving Communication Challenges in the Intensive Care Unit 

Nancy Blake, Kay Gilmore, Phan Dang, and Dan Villareal

Reducing Worker Fatigue to Create a Healthy Work Environment 

Robert L. Dent, Cori Armstead, and Brenda Evans

Three Structures for a Healthy Work Environment 

Nancy Blake

The Effect of Alarm Fatigue on the Work Environment 

Nancy Blake

Highlights From the Creating Healthy Work Environments Conference 

Nancy Blake

Appropriate Staffing for a Healthy Work Environment 

Bonnie Barnes, and Cindy Lefton

The Power of Meaningful Recognition in a Healthy Work Environment 

Nancy Blake
Collaboration: A Key Component of Excellence  

Susan F. Goran and Margaret Mullen-Fortino 

Partnership for a Healthy Work Environment: Tele-ICU/ICU Collaborative  

Nancy Blake, Marilyn Mills, and Vanessa Guerrero

Radiology Nursing Staff Use the HWE Assessment Tool to Improve the Work Environment 

Nancy Blake

Practical Steps for Implementing Healthy Work Environments 

Mary Bylone

Healthy Work Environment 101 

Mary Bylone

Authentic Leadership: Lessons Learned Undercover  

Mary Bylone

Effective Decision Making: Data, Data, and More Data! 

Mary Bylone

Appropriate Staffing: More Than Just Numbers 

Mary Bylone

Healthy Work Environments: Whose Job Is It Anyway? 

Mary Bylone
"I Think They Are Talking About Me!" 

Angela Smith Collins, Cynthia G. Berry, Barbara Ann Graves, and Sharon Watson Engle

Integrating Healthy Work Environment Standards Into Undergraduate Curriculums 

Mary Bylone
Healthy Work Environment: Frequently Asked Questions 

Mary Bylone

Nurses Week: Is This What They Mean by Meaningful Recognition? 

Connie Barden

Breaking Down the Wall of Silence to Create Healthy Work Environments: An Interview With Author Rosemary Gibson 

Joseph P. Falise 

True Collaboration: Interdisciplinary Rounds in Nonteaching Hospitals—It Can Be Done! 

Nora Triola 

Authentic Leadership Begins With Emotional Intelligence 

Michelle L. Reina, Dennis S. Reina, and Cynda Hylton Rushton

Trust: The Foundation for Team Collaboration and Healthy Work Environments 

Debra Gerardi and Dorrie K. Fontaine

True Collaboration: Envisioning New Ways of Working Together 

John F. Dixon, Kristine Larison, and Mara Zabari

Skilled Communication: Making It Real

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