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About the Journal

A bimonthly scientific journal, AJCC offers the latest advances in clinical research, with features that highlight bedside applications of select research articles.

Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 33,
 Issue 2
1 March 2024

From the Editors

As skilled as we have become in delivering highly technical care in the intensive care unit (ICU), death remains a frequent outcome for many of our patients. The loss of those....

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Access CE articles and complete the CE activity to stay current in your practice and provide optimal care to your patients. Also, earn CERPs toward certification renewal.

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Inactivity and Risk for PICS in Older ICU Survivors

Maya Elias describes exploring trends between inactivity and symptoms of post–intensive care syndrome (PICS) in older ICU survivors.....

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Clinical Pearls

Check out the Clinical Pearls—quick summaries of the most clinically relevant material from select articles in our recent issues.

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Investigator Spotlight

Dr Fábio Ferreira Amorim’s 29-year career, from the Medical School of the University of Brasília (UnB) to a professorship at the School of Health Sciences (ESCS) in Brasília, has been marked by...

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Virtual Reality Simulation Training

AJCC's March Patient Care Page describes use of virtual reality to enhance new nurses' pediatric respiratory assessment skills.

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