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About the Journal

A bimonthly scientific journal, AJCC offers the latest advances in clinical research, with features that highlight bedside applications of select research articles.

Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 33,
 Issue 4
1 July 2024

From the Editors

For many of us, climate change is intimidating but distant. We are worried about an abstract future, we hear all the time about how quickly it is approaching, and we may be ...

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Hospital-Based ECG Monitoring

Michele Pelter describes high points of her career as a nurse researcher that led to her being named the 2024 Distinguished Research Lecturer....

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Clinical Pearls

Check out the Clinical Pearls—quick summaries of the most clinically relevant material from select articles in our recent issues.

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Investigator Spotlight

Alexander A. Botsch, MSN, APRN-CNP, worked as a bedside nurse in the emergency department and medical ICU for several years, yet “was unable to find fulfillment without...

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Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

AJCC's July Patient Care Page gives pointers on providing care for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities in the PICU.

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