To the Editors:

I am writing to you to thank you sincerely on behalf of all life for your editorial “Apocalypse When?” (January 2002:7–9). You both have gone far out there into some touchy emotional issues around our greatest problem and mortal danger, so I fear the propaganda-blinded rightwing will hammer you hard for telling the truth and trying to wake them up. I want to make sure that you both will not be disheartened by any flak you catch. It will take a lot of us saying the same thing over and over before we can change the world. Those who cling to the current paradigm will not easily relinquish it, but thanks to your words, we are all just a little closer to the new day we all hope for so intensely.

Thank you for your supportive letter. So far, we have remained “unhammered” by the rightwing, but...

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