Research Abstract Award Winner

A COMPARISON OF MUSIC TO MUSIC WITH MOTHER’S VOICE ON PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES AND LEVEL OF SEDATION WITH CRITICALLY ILL INFANTS AND CHILDREN. Shirk BJ, Stouffer JW, Polomano RC, Katzel J, Haack M, Lucking SE, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, Pa.

Purpose: To compare the effects of a blank audiotape, music alone (MA), and simultaneous music and mother’s voice (MMV) on physiological variables and levels of sedation. Background/Significance: The systematic application of music mediates physiological and psychological responses to stress in both neonates and adults; however, little is known about the advantages of MMV. Methods: A repeated measures crossover design was used to evaluate the effects of a blank audiotape, MA, and MMV on physiological responses and sedation. Twenty-nine subjects (>3 months to 8 years) who required mechanical ventilation...

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