A 62-year-old Cuban-born woman presents to her primary care physician with pains in the right calf after walking 1 city block, of 5 months’ duration. Following an automobile accident the year before, she had developed a mild degree of spinal stenosis in the lower lumbar spine revealed by magnetic resonance imaging. On the basis of this finding, the patient had been treated as an orthopedic problem. Further questioning revealed additional history that included relief of her calf muscle pain after 1 minute of rest, essential hypertension for the past 5 years and diabetes mellitus type 2, of 6 years’ duration. With this history, the doctor was quite certain that peripheral artery disease (PAD) was responsible for the patient’s presenting symptoms. No cardiac or cerebrovascular symptoms were elicited on system review.

1.    a. palpation of the arteries in the inferior extremities
     b. ABI
     d. blood lipid profile
     e. peripheral arterial angiography...

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