Regarding the article titled “The Significance of Hypothermia in Preserving Ischemic Myocardium” (Am J Crit Care. 2004;13:79–84), the title of the article appeared correctly in the article itself but contained a typographical error (correct spelling is “Hypothermia”) in the Table of Contents and on the cover. We regret the error.

On page 55 of the article titled “B-Type Natriuretic Peptide: A Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Therapeutic Tool in Heart Failure” (Am J Crit Care. 2004;13:46–55), an error appeared in the CE test, question 9. It should have read as follows:

9. Which of the following is the recommended dose of nesiritide (Natrecor), as a therapeutic agent for use in heart failure, after an initial intravenous bolus?

  • 0.01 μg/kg per minute

  • 0.1 μg/kg per minute

  • 1.0 μg/kg per minute

  • 10 μg/kg per minute

The entire...

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