Anoteworthy book has been written by William Sullivan, PhD, titled Work and Integrity: The Crisis and Promise of Professionalism in America.1 The book presents a sobering indictment and visionary challenge to all professions. It provides an incisive critique of the current failures and challenges to professionalism. Sullivan presents a compelling vision for renewing the social contract for the professions. If moved from vision to action, this work could transform the current crisis of cynicism about the professions into renewal and confidence. All professionals would do well to take this book seriously. To that end, this issue’s column is devoted to an interview with Dr Sullivan.

Benner: In some ways, this book seems to be a continued conversation that you and your colleagues began in the 2 influential books Habits of the Heart2 and The Good Society.3 What connection do you see between those works?

Sullivan: Both...

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