To the Editors:

In “Challenges to Professionalism: Work Integrity and the Call to Renew and Strengthen the Social Contract of the Professions” (January 2005:78–80,84), nurses and physicians are urged to become active, visible players in the political process regarding healthcare. Apparently, the book by William Sullivan relates how this can be achieved.

If the article is a sample of the book’s content, I will never read it. Dr Sullivan and Dr Benner are undoubtedly worthy intellects. However, their points could have been made in sentences of less than 51 words.

The article is a striking example of the way in which the leaders and scholars in nursing fail to clearly state ways for nurses at the bedside to survive their workdays. Nurses at the bedside of members of the public work every day to provide safe conduct for these people. They do this in the midst of a shadowy limbo...

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