Inflammation is an active process in atherogenic vasculature. Atherosclerosis is no longer considered the result of passive endothelial injury and lipid infiltration. Both local and systemic markers give evidence that atherosclerosis is an active inflammatory state that has no regard for age. Although prevention of atherosclerosis is multifactorial, nevertheless regular exercise is therapeutic and a deterrent.

1.    c. hs-CRP

Measurement of levels of acute phase proteins has been used to determine the presence and degree of inflammation. Of all the acute phase proteins and plasma markers of vascular inflammation, CRP is the most powerful inflammatory marker of CV risk. CRP is a biochemical by-product that rises rapidly following an inflammatory stimulus. Hepatocytes produce CRP in response to elevated IL-6 levels that occur during the acute phase of inflammation. Endothelium also produces CRP, but at a lower level. CRP, an effective prognostic measurement of acute coronary events, also has a direct...

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