Research Oral Abstract Award Winner

To Feed or Not To Feed? That Is the Question: Aspiration Prevention in Acute Stroke Patients

Harris D, Gadishaw S, Larghi, P. Memorial Hospital West, Fla.

Purpose: To determine whether nurses (RNs) could quickly and accurately assess the swallowing of acute stroke patients before administering medications or food. Background/Significance: Dysphagia is a frequent manifestation following acute stroke. The term dysphagia is used to describe disorders that occur in the oral or pharyngeal phases of swallowing. Dysphagia develops in 27% to 50% of all stroke patients. Furthermore, 43% to 54% of stroke patients with dysphagia will experience aspiration, and among those patients, pneumonia will develop in 37%. A swallowing tool (FAST-Feed After Stroke Tool) based on the Dysphagia Nursing Screen and the SStuff tool was developed.The RNs’ results were compared with those of speech therapy...

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