Can you increase cardiac arrest survival rates in your unit? Consider these basic strategies described by Peters and Boyde for doing so:

  • Encourage systematic education of all nursing and medical staff in basic life support/semiautomatic external defibrillation procedures.

  • Enable nurses to perform early defibrillation.

  • Advocate for placement of semiautomatic external defibrillators (SAEDs) in all clinical areas.

  • Use a dedicated resuscitation coordinator.

See Article, pp 240–247

Increased levels of anxiety associated with coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery can increase postoperative pain levels among patients undergoing this procedure. What can bedside clinicians do? Gallagher and colleagues recommend the following:

  • Provide detailed preoperative information about unit procedures for evaluating and treating pain.

  • Specifically describe the unit’s goals and practices of pain management.

  • Emphasize to the patient the importance of communicating his or her pain level to the caregiver.

  • Be mindful of...

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