The topic of family presence has distinct application for patients in high acuity and critical care settings. The purpose of this study, “Attitudes Toward and Beliefs About Family Presence: A Survey of Healthcare Providers, Patients’ Families, and Patients,” by Duran and colleagues, was to describe and compare clinicians’, patients’, and families’ beliefs and attitudes regarding family presence during resuscitation and/or invasive procedures.

A descriptive survey methodology was used to assess clinician, family member, and patient perceptions in several settings in an academic hospital including the emergency department and adult and neonatal intensive care units (ICUs). A total of 202 clinicians, 72 family members, and 62 patients completed a survey that was adapted from previous research conducted on family presence.

The survey generated both quantitative and qualitative data. The study results revealed that clinicians, family members, and patients had positive attitudes about family presence. Respiratory therapists had the highest scores on...

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