A shaded callout box on page 128 of the article “Physiological Monitoring for Critically Ill Patients: Testing a Predictive Model for the Early Detection of Sepsis”1 states: “Hypothermia may not be related to sepsis, though current practice protocols often include it.” However, research2,4 has shown that hypothermia is predictive of sepsis in elderly and very young patients. That is why the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) includes hypothermia in the list of screening criteria for the detection of sepsis onset.

Also, the discussion section in the article contains 2 paragraphs that attempt to disassociate hypothermia from prediction of sepsis without convincing data to support such a claim. In fact, data that were presented had major flaws.

First of all, the author compared mean temperatures of septic versus nonseptic patients in all study subjects and stated that the average temperature was higher in patients with sepsis (36.31°C,...

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