The American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) doesn’t just look new—it contains a number of new and enhanced features and sections as well. This primer summarizes the changes we’ve made with brief descriptions of each new or enhanced feature or department. Refer to it to become better acclimated to the redesigned AJCC.

Easier-to-read typeface and graphic design

Beginning with the cover, AJCC has a bold and striking new look, featuring fine art on the front and a new layout between the covers. Redesigned titles and subtitles, author affiliation blurbs, link boxes, and more colorful pages make reading the journal a friendlier experience.

For most articles, abstracts now appear in colored boxes alone on the opening page

We’ve changed the type on abstracts from italic to Roman and boxed them for easier reading. Even shorter articles like case reports now contain abstracts.

Graphics designed with the reader in mind

Tables now...

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