Are your temperature measurements as accurate as they can be? Tympanic temperature measurement uses a noncontact infrared measurement to detect the energy emitted from the ear and should be obtained after inspecting the lens and using a proper seal. Lawson and colleagues compare a variety of noninva-sive temperature measurements.

  • Temporal artery temperature measurement is used to provide a measure of core temperature; radiant heat loss through the skin is accounted for by simultaneous measurement of ambient temperature.

  • Diaphoresis can affect measurement accuracy and is controlled for by using measurement behind the ear, an area less affected by diaphoresis.

  • A combined method of forehead plus behind the ear measurement is recommended for all patients.

See Article, pp 485–496

Disease management programs (DMPs) have long been promoted as a major medical cost-saving mechanism, although research on the topic shows conflicting results....

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