Gross inequities in health and longevity are worldwide and continue at undesirable levels despite advances in disease control and treatment. Through communication, modern medicine can improve these statistics. A series of questions and discussions of the answers are presented in order to illustrate these worldwide health inequities and their consequences.

  1. The factors that define the social determinants affecting health include which of the following?

    • level of perceived stress

    • early life experience

    • work class and social exclusion

    • unemployment

    • social network

    • access to transportation and food

    • all of the above

  2. Inequities in health status and life expectancy are related to social status.

    • true

    • false

    • perhaps

  3. Which of the following income variants have been characterized as a major determinant of mortality?

    • low income level

    • income fluctuation

    • income loss

  4. Basically and simply stated, poverty implies not having any money or having inadequate funds....

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