Cardiac transplantation is one of the most critical of all transplantations because of its function in maintaining life. A review of the elements involved in the understanding and in the application of cardiac transplantation are presented. Cardiac transplantation is established therapy for end-stage heart disease.1,3 The impact and importance of psychosocial issues, patient education, and general compliance on cardiac transplantation success and survival cannot be overemphasized. Successful cardiac transplantation is based on survival and control of comorbid diseases; it is influenced by lifelong adherence to therapeutic regimens and by the quality of life outcomes.2,4 

  1. Which of the following is a realistic goal of a transplantation program?

    • to enable the recipient to resume their pre-illness state and meaningful life

    • to prevent all complications from occurring

    • to cover the recipient’s medical costs

    • to ensure...

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