RES200 Comparison of Capillary and Central Venous Point-of-Care Glucose Testing to a Venous Laboratory Gold Standard

Dela Rosa R, Boehmer M, Closs M, Hamilton J, Horton K, McGrath M, Schulman C, Shearer A. Providence St Vincent Medical Center, Portland, OR

Purpose: To compare capillary point-of-care glucose testing (POC) and a central venous catheter sample POC to the gold standard of venous laboratory measurement. Background/Significance: Critical care nursing practice requires hourly glucose testing to titrate insulin infusions that maintain glucose levels within the desired range. While using blood obtained from a fingerstick sample is usually done, ICU nurses often use blood drawn from a central venous catheter to perform the test. It is not clear which POC sample best correlates with the true blood glucose as measured in the lab. Methods: A method-comparison study design was used to examine the...

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