Conducting difficult conversations with patients is poorly addressed in the education of nurse practitioners and is sorely needed in acute care. Topics related to empathetic communication, “breaking bad news,” communicating with “angry” patients, and motivational interviewing are essential for acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs).

In this issue, Rosenzweig and colleagues address this need with a unique patient communication simulation laboratory for ACNP students that uses standardized patients. They found that

See Article, pp 364–372

Pressure ulcers are a common cause of harm to patients, and even though they are largely preventable, they still occur at unacceptable rates in health care facilities.

In this issue, Elliott and colleagues describe a successful low-cost quality improvement program for pressure ulcer prevention using prevalence data, existing resources, and communication about the program’s success back to bedside clinicians. In addition, Tweed and Tweed report the development of a tool to assess nurses’ knowledge of pressure...

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