This study compared the use of iced and room-temperature injectates for thermodilution measurement of cardiac index using a closed delivery system in a convenience sample of 38 postoperative cardiac surgery patients during hypothermia and normothermia. In patients with hypothermia (<36.0°C), cardiac index measurements differed significantly between room-temperature and iced injectates, whereas measurements did not differ in normothermic patients. However, the differences between room-temperature and iced injectates during hypothermic body temperatures were small (mean <0.11). The results of the study provide additional evidence regarding the use of room-temperature injectates in comparison to iced injectates for cardiac index determination.

Elissa Walsh, RN, BSN, CCRN, lead author for the study, reported that the idea for conducting the research came from questioning the routine clinical practice of using iced injectates for thermodilution readings.

She explained, “As a research group we wanted to make a change that was practical. We wanted to get rid of...

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