We thank Dr Reade for his insightful comments regarding recognition of delirium in the ICU and for highlighting important areas for future research.

Despite the lack of strong evidence demonstrating that screening for delirium at the bedside using a validated instrument improves patient outcome, recent European and North American consensus guidelines advocate that patients admitted to the ICU be routinely screened for delirium using either the ICDSC or the CAM-ICU.1,2  Realizing that bedside delirium screening is not a replacement for a formal diagnostic evaluation by either a psychiatrist or neurologist, it nevertheless remains an efficient, low-risk assessment that will help ICU clinicians address reversible causes for delirium (when delirium is suspected), avoid treatments for agitation known to worsen delirium (eg, benzodiazepines), and promote regular interdisciplinary discussion regarding the cognitive status of all patients.

Despite questions that remain surrounding the psychometric properties of the ICSDC and the CAM-ICU...

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