I am writing regarding the article, “Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Review and Practice Guidelines,” in the March issue of the American Journal of Critical Care. There appears to be spelling and dosage errors in Table 1 as follows:

  1. The line that reads, “Extended-release metoprol (starting dose 0.125 mg daily, target dose 0.25 mg daily)” should read metoprolol and dosage is 12.5 mg to 200mg daily.

  2. The target doses of hydralazine are unusual. The maximal dosages in the heart failure trials (using the authors’ own references) ranged from 225 mg2 to 300mg.

  3. There is no target dose for digoxin; it is based solely on patient symptoms and serum concentrations with the best outcomes for concentrations maintained at 0.5–0.9 ng/ml.

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