Clinical Pearls is designed to help implement evidence-based care at the bedside by summarizing some of the most clinically useful material from select articles in each issue. Readers are encouraged to photocopy this ready-to-post page and share it with colleagues. Please be advised, however, that any substantive change in patient care protocols should be carefully reviewed and approved by the policy-setting authorities at your institution.

Can psychological empowerment ameliorate moral distress for critical care nurses caring for patients at end of life (EOL)? Browning examined the relationship between moral distress and empowerment by conducting a cross-sectional survey of 277 critical care nurses. Moral distress results from internal conflict related to ethical dilemmas, preventing the course of action believed to be right. Psychological empowerment is gaining mastery of a person’s affairs and believing you are empowered to create change. Her results indicated the following:

Alethea Sment, RN, BSN, CCRN-CSC


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