Monitoring endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff pressures to prevent tracheal injury and microaspiration is important in the care of patients using mechanical ventilation. However, there is limited evidence on the impact of routine position changes on ETT cuff pressure. Lizy and colleagues investigated the effect of 16 body positions on ETT cuff pressure in 12 patients under neuromuscular blockade. They found the following:

Future research comparing continuous cuff pressure monitoring versus intermittent monitoring is warranted.

—Alison J. Montpetit,rn, phd

See Article, pp e1–e8

Sleep is an essential component of healing, health, and well-being. However hospitalized patients commonly experience an inadequate quality and quantity of sleep. Sleep deprivation can have an adverse effect on the immune system and lead to increased morbidity, yet little research has been done to improve hospital patients’ sleep.

Lytle and colleagues used a randomized controlled pilot study with 50 adult patients to test the...

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