Thank you for the inspiring (and for me, timely) editorial, “Tough and Competent.”

I grew up in awe of space travel and desperately wanted to be a “nurse in space” on the space shuttle. So I read the editorial that recounted the history of NASA with enjoyment and fascination.

In this current health care environment, there is a lack of leaders who will shine the light on “carelessness, incapacity, and neglect.” They are not inspiring us to be tough and competent, and to never compromise regarding our responsibilities.

But this piece spoke to my head and heart when you referred to NASA’s operations and the parallels to critical care. A couple of weeks ago I had lost my inspiration when 5 health care–associated infections were sent to me tagged to the units in my division. This occurred after we had several months of 1 or 2 health care–associated infections....

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