One way to increase family participation is through purposeful interactions in family-centered rounds. Stelson and colleagues interviewed family members and adult surgical intensive care unit (ICU) providers to examine their perspectives on family participation in rounds and the role of telemedicine as a communication tool. They found the following:

The authors note that communication is the key to family satisfaction with ICU care and that telemedicine platforms be explored as a feasible means of family participation.

See Article, pp 440–447

Critically ill children are exposed to a multitude of factors that affect sleep, sedation needs, and physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiratory rate. This noisy environment can also contribute to nurses’ stress and decreased work satisfaction. Kudchadkar and colleagues examined the perceptions of pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) nurses about the PICU environment after transitioning from a unit with multipatient rooms to a unit with single-patient rooms. They...

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