Delirium is a medical condition that occurs in 60–80% of adults treated with mechanical ventilation (MV). Yet, it is undertreated, underdocumented, and unrecognized in most patients. Authors Smith and Grami tested the effectiveness of a 5-component, nurseled prevention bundle that included: (1) sedation cessation for MV patients (2) pain management (3) sensory stimulation (4) early mobilization and (5) sleep promotion. They found the following:

Although there were limitations with some of the bundle components, the authors suggest consistent use of a bundle can decrease delirium incidence and improve both patient and hospital outcomes.

See Article, pp 19–27

Infusions of hypertonic saline (HTS), such as 3% sodium chloride, have been effective at reducing intracranial pressure and cerebral edema for both adults and children. Current drug literature recommends central line administration of 3% HTS, versus peripheral, although there are no adult studies supporting this practice. Jones and colleagues evaluated the use of...

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