The AJCC coeditors express their gratitude to the following reviewers for their scientific expertise and constructive advice in the review of manuscripts for the American Journal of Critical Care during 2016.

  • Shimon Abboud, phd

  • Gemma Aburn, rn, bn (Hons)

  • Thomas S. Ahrens, dns

  • Robert John Anderson, rn, ban, ccrn

  • Wendy G. Anderson, md

  • Richard Arbour, rn, msn, ccrn, cnrn, ccns

  • Rochell R. Armola, rn, msn, ccrn

  • Wendy Austin, rn, phd

  • Omar Badawi, pharmd

  • Polly Bailey, msn

  • Tim Baillie, bsc, mbbs, fracp

  • Katherine G. Baker, rn, mn

  • Rick D. Bassett, rn, msn, aprn, acns-bc, ccrn

  • Renea L. Beckstrand, rn, phd, ccrn, cne

  • Merilyn Beken, pg diploma hse

  • Julie Benbenishty, rn, msn

  • Bronagh Blackwood,...

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