Pressure injuries (PIs) are a common problem associated with poor outcomes for patients such as increased hospital length of stay, higher mortality rates, decreased patient satisfaction, and significant health care costs. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have considered PIs a “never event” since 2008. Although various nursing interventions have been used to decrease PIs, many intensive care unit (ICU) patients continue to experience this condition.

Freeman and colleagues evaluated the effects of using specialty, silklike bed linens to reduce PI occurrence in adult cardiac and surgical ICU patients. They found the following:

  • A significant decrease in the rate of acquired PIs

  • A significant reduction in the number of posterior PIs

  • Potential cost savings of more than $3 million

In addition, the specialty linens were 3 times more durable than cotton linens. The authors recommend use of specialty linens along with standard...

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