Karen Giuliano, Dian Baker, Barbara Quinn; Northeastern University, Boston, MA

In the fourth study of our hospital-acquired pneumonia prevention initiative, the incidence of sepsis associated with nonventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia (NV-HAP) was compared with the incidence in patients admitted with pneumonia (AP). Specifically, we investigated: (1) sepsis incidence, (2) differences in hospital length of stay (LOS) and total hospital charges, and (3) the population characteristics of patients with NV-HAP or AP in whom sepsis developed.

Despite the substantial worldwide efforts to decrease sepsis, sepsis incidence and related mortality rates continue to increase. Current efforts are focused on early recognition and treatment; preventive strategies have not been deployed as aggressively. Although fundamental benefits of prevention-oriented strategies have been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sepsis prevention through prevention of infection, particularly hospital-acquired infection, remains a clinical challenge.

The 2012 Healthcare Utilization...

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