Approximately 8% to 10% of patients in surgical intensive care units (ICUs) will have a hospital-acquired pressure injury (PI) during their stay. These injuries may result in increased pain, increased costs, and longer stays. Although stage 1 PIs are the most common type and can deteriorate to a more severe stage, no studies have addressed the clinical course or outcomes of stage 1 PIs in ICU patients.

Alderden and colleagues conducted a retrospective chart review to identify stage 1 PI outcomes. They found the following:

  • 36% of PIs persisted until discharge, 32% worsened to a stage 2 or greater injury, and 32% healed.

  • Factors that contributed to PI worsening included older age, higher lactate level, higher creatinine level, lower hemoglobin level, and lower peripheral capillary oxygen saturation.

  • The Braden Scale parameters were not associated with stage 1 PIs.

To prevent further injury, the...

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