Weaning from mechanical ventilation is a complicated process. Delayed weaning can escalate complications from mechanical ventilation, whereas weaning too early can increase the risk of reintubation. High-flow oxygen (HFO) therapy has been used in recent years to treat hypoxia, but use of HFO in weaning has not been studied.

Liu and colleagues compared 3 groups of patients during weaning: those having (1) HFO, (2) T-tube, or (3) pressure support ventilation. They found

Findings indicate HFO therapy can be used to shorten weaning time and decrease the rate of reintubation.

See Article, pp 370-376

About 26% of infants with congenital heart disease (CHD) have complex disease requiring staged surgeries. Many are discharged with demanding home care that requires constant vigilance. Past work has focused on parents’ abilities to care for these infants, but little research has addressed the mothers’ experiences with these fragile infants.

Imperial-Perez and colleagues interviewed mothers of infants...

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