Weaning from mechanical ventilation is a complicated process. Delayed weaning can escalate complications from mechanical ventilation, whereas weaning too early can increase the risk of reintubation. High-flow oxygen (HFO) therapy has been used in recent years to treat hypoxia, but use of HFO in weaning has not been studied.

Liu and colleagues compared 3 groups of patients during weaning: those having (1) HFO, (2) T-tube, or (3) pressure support ventilation. They found

  • The rate of successful weaning was significantly higher in the HFO group on the first day than in the other 2 groups.

  • Reintubation rates in the HFO group were significantly lower than in the other 2 groups.

  • Weaning time for patients in the HFO group was less than for the other 2 groups.

  • During the 14-day study, the number of failed weaning attempts was lower in the HFO group.

Findings indicate...

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