Many evidence-based practice (EBP) protocols are used in the care of critical care patients; however, the speed of translation of these protocols into practice can be long, potentially affecting the quality of that care. Although research has shown that specific nurse credentials improve patients’ outcomes, it is not known how these credentials are associated with the adoption of EBP.

Gigli and colleagues conducted a survey to examine the relationship between nurses’ education level and certification status and their psychosocial beliefs, knowledge of EBP, and perceived value in EBP. They found

  • Nurses with specialty certification reported significantly greater knowledge of and perceived value in EBP compared with nurses without a credential.

  • Significantly higher self-efficacy and role clarity among the credentialed nurses.

  • Nurses’ educational level did not show a signifi-cant association with their individual psychosocial beliefs, but the nurses sampled had a high level of...

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