Patient-reported outcomes are an invaluable tool to provide patients’ perceptions of quality of care. Measurement of sedation and agitation has traditionally been done with clinician-determined sedation assessments. Although a new sedation index is a significant predictor of various outcomes, the relationship between patient-reported outcomes and clinician-determined assessments is not known.

Malinowski and colleagues interviewed patients 24 to 96 hours after cessation of sedation to determine the usefulness of sedation and agitation indexes. They found that

  • One-third of the patients were able to estimate their time sedated to within 24 hours of the actual duration, indicating that patients were maintained at levels for accurate recall.

  • Many patients (43%) stated that they wanted more sedation.

  • About half of the patients described their experience with mechanical ventilation as unpleasant.

The agitation index was significantly correlated with several patient-related outcomes, including difficulty sleeping, inability to talk, and...

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