Moral distress occurs when an individual faces constraints in doing the right thing, which challenges the ability to preserve integrity and can result in adverse outcomes such as burnout, diminished well-being, and poor quality patient care. During a pandemic, these constraints can be greatly increased, with health care staff experiencing greater moral distress.

Thomas and colleagues conducted a survey with staff in a pediatric intensive care unit, including physicians/advanced practice providers, registered nurses, and respiratory therapists, to explore the extent and sources of moral distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. They found

Although more research is needed, the authors suggest that moral resilience can be cultivated by organizations providing support and strategies to promote a healthy work environment.

See Article, pp e80–e98

Having a family member in the intensive care unit (ICU) can be a very stressful experience and can lead to the development of post–intensive care syndrome in families. Cognitive...

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