Rates of post–intensive care syndrome have increased with time for critically ill patients after discharge. Intensive care unit recovery clinics (ICU-RCs) were developed to improve post-ICU care for patients and families; however, little evidence to date supports the use of such clinics.

Kovaleva and colleagues interviewed patients and caregivers following a telehealth ICU-RC visit to understand their hospital and recovery experiences. They found

  • Perception of hospitalization (this coincided with COVID-19 protocols for many): responses ranged from praise to criticism, with isolation considered a traumatic experience.

  • Perception of recovery: Very positive about receiving physical therapy and many wanted more. Many valued having a mental health component with the telehealth visit. Participants wanted to know more about their post-ICU care trajectory.

The findings highlight components of post-ICU care that should be considered in the design and delivery of ICU-RCs to improve patients’ recovery.

See Article, pp 319-323

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