Injuries from medical devices account for about 30% of all hospital-acquired pressure injuries. Although several professional organizations prioritize early identification and treatment of pressure injuries, those caused by endotracheal tubes (ETTs) continue to occur.

Moser and colleagues examined the current evidence to identify the reported incidence of ETT-related pressure injuries and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention methods. They found

Although further study with standardized measures in various patient populations is warranted, the authors recommend use of Anchor-Fast and nasal barrier dressings to reduce the incidence of pressure-related ETT injuries.

See Article, pp 416-424

Research has shown that use of a checklist during intensive care patient rounds can improve quality of care and reduce the incidence of adverse events. However, difficulties with interprofessional communication during rounds may contribute to differences in patients’ plans of care.

Alves and colleagues developed and validated a checklist of care to improve interprofessional communication during rounds...

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