Current guidelines recommend extubation only if a patient is not receiving vasopressor therapy or is receiving minimal doses of vasopressors. However, recent data indicate that extubation of patients receiving higher vasopressor doses may be safe. This study was undertaken to examine practices regarding extubation of patients receiving vasopressor therapy reported by clinician respondents to a survey by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association Keystone Center. One-third of respondents indicated that they would extubate a patient receiving vasopressors, and one-quarter indicated that it depended on the agent used, but more than half reported that their unit did not have a vasopressor use protocol or they did not know whether it did. Practices regarding extubation of patients receiving vasopressor therapy differed significantly by unit type and by role as a direct care provider. These data indicate that patient and clinician factors may drive practice patterns. Additional research to inform guidelines and local protocols is warranted.

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