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L. Douglas Smith Jr, Jennifer Berube, Mintie Indar-Maraj, Patricia Rosier, Janeane Walker, Christian Justin Carreon, Regi Freeman, Katie Gabel, Angelica Hernandez, Meghan Kolmer, Tamala Proctor, and Aluko A. Hope
What the American Journal of Critical Care Junior Peer Reviewers Were Reading During the First Year of the Program: Caring for Patients With COVID-19
Am J Crit Care July 2022 31:e26-e30; doi:10.4037/ajcc2022158

Meena P. LaRonde, Jean A. Connor, Benjamin Cerrato, Araz Chiloyan, and Amy Jo Lisanti
Individualized Family-Centered Developmental Care for Infants With Congenital Heart Disease in the Intensive Care Unit
Am J Crit Care January 2022 31:e10-e19; doi:10.4037/ajcc2022124

Rob Boots, Gabrielle Mead, Oliver Rawashdeh, Judith Bellapart, Shane Townsend, Jenny Paratz, Nicholas Garner, Pierre Clement, and David Oddy, for the Critical Care Circadian Investigators
Temperature Profile and Adverse Outcomes After Discharge From the Intensive Care Unit
Am J Crit Care January 2022 31:e1-e9; doi:10.4037/ajcc2022223

Omar M. Awan, Russell G. Buhr, and Biren B. Kamdar
Factors Influencing CAM-ICU Documentation and Inappropriate “Unable to Assess” Responses
Am J Crit Care November 2021 30:e99-e107; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021599

Tessy A. Thomas, F. Daniel Davis, Shelley Kumar, Satid Thammasitboon, and Cynda H. Rushton
COVID-19 and Moral Distress: A Pediatric Critical Care Survey
Am J Crit Care November 2021 30:e80-e98; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021999

Michael A. Liu, Brianna R. Bakow, Tzu-Chun Hsu, Jia-Yu Chen, Ke-Ying Su, Emmanuel K. Asiedu, Wan-Ting Hsu, and Chien-Chang Lee
Temporal Trends in Sepsis Incidence and Mortality in Patients With Cancer in the US Population
Am J Crit Care July 2021 30:e71-e79; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021632

Titilope Olanipekun, Abimbola Chris-Olaiya, Shawn Esperti, Vinod Nambudiri, Richard Duff, and Gloria Westney
July Effect on Mortality and Complications in Patients With ARDS in US Teaching Hospitals
Am J Crit Care July 2021 30:e64-e70; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021608

Konstantinos Grigoriadis, Ioannis Efstathiou, Zacharias Dimitriadis, Georgia Konstantopoulou, Anna Grigoriadou, Georgios Vasileiadis, Maria Micha, Iraklis Tsagaris, and Apostolos Armaganidis
Handgrip Force and Maximum Inspiratory and Expiratory Pressures in Critically Ill Patients With a Tracheostomy
Am J Crit Care March 2021 30:e48-e53; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021248

Maya N. Elías, Cindy L. Munro, and Zhan Liang
Daytime-to-Nighttime Sleep Ratios and Cognitive Impairment in Older Intensive Care Unit Survivors
Am J Crit Care March 2021 30:e40-e47; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021221

Kristin E. Schwab, Wendy Simon, Myrtle Yamamoto, Anna Dermenchyan, Xueqing Xu, Yuhan Kao, Alexander Zider, Faisal Shaikh, Bryan Garber, Elinor Lee, Zafia Anklesaria, G. Sofia Nelson, Allison Ramsey, and Thanh H. Neville
Rapid Mortality Review in the Intensive Care Unit: An In-Person, Multidisciplinary Improvement Initiative
Am J Crit Care March 2021 30:e32-e39; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021829

Florian B. Mayr, Judith L. Plowman, Sandra Blakowski, Kimberly Sell-Shemansky, Joleene M. Young, and Sachin Yende
Feasibility of a Home-Based Palliative Care Intervention for Elderly Multimorbid Survivors of Critical Illness
Am J Crit Care January 2021 30:e12-e31; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021117

Cynda Hylton Rushton, Sandra M. Swoboda, Nancy Reller, Kimberly A. Skarupski, Michelle Prizzi, Peter D. Young, and Ginger C. Hanson
Mindful Ethical Practice and Resilience Academy: Equipping Nurses to Address Ethical Challenges
Am J Crit Care January 2021 30:e1-e11; doi:10.4037/ajcc2021359

Abigail C. Jones, Rachel Hilton, Blair Ely, Lovemore Gororo, Valerie Danesh, Carla M. Sevin, James C. Jackson, and Leanne M. Boehm
Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth After Critical Illness
Am J Crit Care November 2020 29:e108-e115; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020149

Vinciya Pandian, Linda L. Morris, Martin B. Brodsky, James Lynch, Brian Walsh, Cynda Rushton, Jane Phillips, Alphonsa Rahman, Troy DeRose, Leah Lambe, Lionel Lami, Sarah Pui Man Wu, Francisco Paredes Garza, Simona Maiani, Andrea Zavalis, Kafilat Ajoke Okusanya, Patrick A. Palmieri, Brendan A. McGrath, Paolo Pelosi, Mary Lou Sole, Patricia Davidson, and Michael J. Brenner
Critical Care Guidance for Tracheostomy Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global, Multidisciplinary Approach
Am J Crit Care November 2020 29:e116-e127; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020561

Jenny Alderden, Linda J. Cowan, Jonathan B. Dimas, Danli Chen, Yue Zhang, Mollie Cummins, and Tracey L. Yap
Risk Factors for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injury in Surgical Critical Care Patients
Am J Crit Care November 2020 29:e128-e134; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020810

Bobbie Ann Adair White, Heath D. White, Christie Bledsoe, Randy Hendricks, and Alejandro C. Arroliga
Conflict Management Education in the Intensive Care Unit
Am J Crit Care November 2020 29:e135-e138; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020886

Nora Fayed, Saoirse Cameron, Douglas Fraser, Jill I. Cameron, Samah Al-Harbi, Racquel Simpson, Maha Wakim, Lily Chiu, and Karen Choong
Priority Outcomes in Critically Ill Children: A Patient and Parent Perspective
Am J Crit Care September 2020 29:e94-e103; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020188

Diana Brickman, Andrew Greenway, Kathryn Sobocinski, Hanh Thai, Ashley Turick, Kevin Xuereb, Danielle Zambardino, Philip S. Barie, and Susan I. Liu
Rapid Critical Care Training of Nurses in the Surge Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Am J Crit Care September 2020 29:e104-e107; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020142

Mireia Ladios-Martin, José Fernández-de-Maya, Francisco-Javier Ballesta-López, Adrián Belso-Garzas, Manuel Mas-Asencio, and María José Cabañero-Martínez
Predictive Modeling of Pressure Injury Risk in Patients Admitted to an Intensive Care Unit
Am J Crit Care July 2020 29:e70-e80; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020237

Renea L. Beckstrand, Jasmine B. Jenkins, Karlen E. Luthy, and Janelle L. B. Macintosh
Family Behaviors as Unchanging Obstacles in End-of-Life Care: 16-Year Comparative Data
Am J Crit Care July 2020 29:e81-e91; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020661

Stefano Bambi, Pasquale Iozzo, and Alberto Lucchini
Commentary: New Issues in Nursing Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy
Am J Crit Care July 2020 29:e92-e93; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020937

Maria L. Espinosa, Aaron M. Tannenbaum, Megha Kilaru, Jennifer Stevens, Mark Siegler, Michael D. Howell, and William F. Parker
Bundled Consent in US Intensive Care Units
Am J Crit Care May 2020 29:e44-e51; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020502

Armeen D. Poor, Samuel O. Acquah, Celia M. Wells, Maria V. Sevillano, Christopher G. Strother, Gary G. Oldenburg, and S Jean Hsieh
CE Article: Implementing Automated Prone Ventilation for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome via Simulation-Based Training
Am J Crit Care May 2020 29:e52-e59; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020992

Deborah Becker, Laura M. Dechant, Laura J. McNamara, JoAnne Konick-McMahon, Cynthia A. Noe, Kristen Thomas, and Lawrence J. Fabrey
Practice Analysis: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist
Am J Crit Care March 2020 29:e19-e30; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020918

Sikandar H. Khan, Chenjia Xu, Russell Purpura, Sana Durrani, Heidi Lindroth, Sophia Wang, Sujuan Gao, Annie Heiderscheit, Linda Chlan, Malaz Boustani, and Babar A. Khan
Decreasing Delirium Through Music: A Randomized Pilot Trial
Am J Crit Care March 2020 29:e31-e38; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020175

Sikandar H. Khan, Chenjia Xu, Sophia Wang, Sujuan Gao, Sue Lasiter, Kenneth Kesler, and Babar A. Khan
Effect of Delirium on Physical Function in Noncardiac Thoracic Surgery Patients
Am J Crit Care March 2020 29:e39-e43; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020579

Kristin Hittle Gigli, Billie S. Davis, Jennifer Ervin, and Jeremy M. Kahn
Factors Associated With Nurses’ Knowledge of and Perceived Value in Evidence-Based Practices
Am J Crit Care January 2020 29:e1-e12; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020866

Karin Reuter-Rice and Elise Christoferson
Critical Update on the Third Edition of the Guidelines for Managing Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Children
Am J Crit Care January 2020 29:e13-e18; doi:10.4037/ajcc2020228

David L. Murphy, Nicholas J. Johnson, M. Kennedy Hall, Mitchell L. Kim, Nathan I. Shapiro, and Daniel J. Henning
Predicting Prolonged Intensive Care Unit Stay Among Patients With Sepsis-Induced Hypotension
Am J Crit Care November 2019 28:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ajcc2019931

Leanne M. Boehm, Mary S. Dietrich, Eduard E. Vasilevskis, Nancy Wells, Pratik Pandharipande, E. Wesley Ely, and Lorraine C. Mion
Perceptions of Workload Burden and Adherence to ABCDE Bundle Among Intensive Care Providers
Am J Crit Care July 2017 26:e38-e47; doi:10.4037/ajcc2017544

Natalie J. Henrich, Peter M. Dodek, Emilie Gladstone, Lynn Alden, Sean P. Keenan, Steven Reynolds, and Patricia Rodney
Consequences of Moral Distress in the Intensive Care Unit: A Qualitative Study
Am J Crit Care July 2017 26:e48-e57; doi:10.4037/ajcc2017786

Jennifer L. Giuseffi, Nyal E. Borges, Leanne M. Boehm, Li Wang, John A. McPherson, Joseph L. Fredi, Rashid M. Ahmad, E. Wesley Ely, and Pratik P. Pandharipande
Delirium After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Am J Crit Care July 2017 26:e58-e64; doi:10.4037/ajcc2017474

Leanne M. Boehm, Eduard E. Vasilevskis, Mary S. Dietrich, Nancy Wells, E. Wesley Ely, Pratik Pandharipande, and Lorraine C. Mion
CE Article: Organizational Domains and Variation in Attitudes of Intensive Care Providers Toward the ABCDE Bundle
Am J Crit Care May 2017 26:e18-e28; doi:10.4037/ajcc2017297

Norma A. Metheny and Kathleen L. Meert
Administering Polyethylene Glycol Electrolyte Solution Via a Nasogastric Tube: Pulmonary Complications
Am J Crit Care March 2017 26:e11-e17; doi:10.4037/ajcc2017522

Catherine E. Simpson, Sarina K. Sahetya, Robert W. Bradsher III, Eric L. Scholten, William Bain, Shazia M. Siddique, and David N. Hager
CE Article: Outcomes of Emergency Medical Patients Admitted to an Intermediate Care Unit With Detailed Admission Guidelines
Am J Crit Care January 2017 26:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ajcc2017253

Peggy Kalowes, Valerie Messina, and Melanie Li
CE Article: Five-Layered Soft Silicone Foam Dressing to Prevent Pressure Ulcers in the Intensive Care Unit
Am J Crit Care November 2016 25:e108-e119; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016875

Sapna R. Kudchadkar, M. Claire Beers, Judith A. Ascenzi, Ebaa Jastaniah, and Naresh M. Punjabi
Nurses’ Perceptions of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Environment and Work Experience After Transition to Single-Patient Rooms
Am J Crit Care September 2016 25:e98-e107; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016463

Jeremy S. Pollock, Ryan D. Hollenbeck, Li Wang, Benjamin Holmes, Michael N. Young, Matthew Peters, E. Wesley Ely,
John A. McPherson, and Eduard E. Vasilevskis
CE Article: Delirium in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest Treated With Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia
Am J Crit Care July 2016 25:e81-e89; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016581

Angela C. Blankenship, Richard P. Fernandez, Brian F. Joy, Julie C. Miller, Aymen Naguib, Steven C. Cassidy,

Janet Simsic, Christina Phelps, Sheilah Harrison, Mark Galantowicz, and Andrew R. Yates

Multidisciplinary Review of Code Events in a Heart Center

Am J Crit Care July 2016 25:e90-e97; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016302

Carmen S. Rodriguez, Meredeth Rowe, Loris Thomas, Jonathan Shuster, Brent Koeppel, and Paula Cairns

Enhancing the Communication of Suddenly Speechless Critical Care Patients

Am J Crit Care May 2016 25:e40-e47; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016217

Mary Jo Grap, Cindy L. Munro, Paul A. Wetzel, Jessica M. Ketchum, James S. Ketchum III, William L. Anderson,

Al M. Best, V. Anne Hamilton, Nyimas Y. Arief, Ruth Burk, Tenesha Bottoms, and Curtis N. Sessler

Stimulation of Critically Ill Patients: Relationship to Sedation

Am J Crit Care May 2016 25:e48-e55; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016269

Mary Jo Grap, Cindy L. Munro, Paul A. Wetzel, Christine M. Schubert, Anathea Pepperl, Ruth S. Burk, and Valentina Lucas

Backrest Elevation and Tissue Interface Pressure by Anatomical Location During Mechanical Ventilation

Am J Crit Care May 2016 25:e56-e63; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016317

Melissa Cannon, Diane Hersey, Sheilah Harrison, Brian Joy, Aymen Naguib, Mark Galantowicz, and Janet Simsic

Improving Surveillance and Prevention of Surgical Site Infection in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Am J Crit Care March 2016 25:e30-e37; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016531

Joseph Shiber, Ayesha Thomas, and Ashley Northcutt

Communicating While Receiving Mechanical Ventilation: Texting With a Smartphone

Am J Crit Care March 2016 25:e38-e39; doi:10.4037/ajcc2016695

Jun Duan, Lintong Zhou, Meiling Xiao, Jinhua Liu, and Xiangmei Yang

Semiquantitative Cough Strength Score for Predicting Reintubation After Planned Extubation

Am J Crit Care November 2015 24:e86-e90; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015172

Linda L. Chlan, Mary Fran Tracy, Jill Guttormson, and Kay Savik

Peripheral Muscle Strength and Correlates of Muscle Weakness in Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation

Am J Crit Care November 2015 24:e91-e98; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015277

Sharon Y. Irving, Stephanie Seiple, Monica Nagle, Shiela Falk, Maria Mascarenhas, and Vijay Srinivasan

Perceived Barriers To Anthropometric Measurements In Critically Ill Children

Am J Crit Care November 2015 24:e99-e107; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015807

Renee Samples Twibell, Shannon Craig, Debra Siela, Sherry Simmonds, and Cynthia Thomas

Being There: Inpatients’ Perceptions of Family Presence During Resuscitation and Invasive Cardiac Procedures

Am J Crit Care November 2015 24:e108-e115; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015470

Kathleen L. Meert, Mary Caverly, Lauren M. Kelm, and Norma A. Metheny
The pH of Feeding Tube Aspirates From Critically Ill Infants
Am J Crit Care September 2015 24:e72-e77; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015971

Renee Samples Twibell, Debra Siela, Terrie Sproat, and Gena Coers
Perceptions Related to Falls and Fall Prevention Among Hospitalized Adults
Am J Crit Care September 2015 24:e78-e85; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015375

Catherine L. Auriemma, Sarah M. Lyon, Lauren E. Strelec, Saida Kent, Frances K. Barg, and Scott D. Halpern
Defining the Medical Intensive Care Unit in the Words of Patients and Their Family Members: A Freelisting Analysis
Am J Crit Care July 2015 24:e47-e55; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015717

Michelle M. Milic, Kathleen Puntillo, Kathleen Turner, Denah Joseph, Natalie Peters, Rio Ryan, Cathy Schuster,
Holly Winfree, Jenica Cimino, and Wendy G. Anderson
Communicating with Patients’ Families and Physicians About Prognosis and Goals of Care
Am J Crit Care July 2015 24:e56-e64; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015855

Khalil M. Yousef, Jeffrey R. Balzer, Catherine M. Bender, Leslie A. Hoffman, Samuel M. Poloyac, Feifei Ye, and Paula R. Sherwood
Cerebral Perfusion Pressure and Delayed Cerebral Ischemia After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Am J Crit Care July 2015 24:e65-e71; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015913

Ruth Kleinpell, Nicholas S. Ward, Lynn A. Kelso, Fred P. Mollenkopf, Jr, and Douglas Houghton
Provider to Patient Ratios for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Critical Care Units
Am J Crit Care May 2015 24:e16-e21; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015274

Andrew D. Straznitskas, Sylvia Wong, Nicole Kupchik, and David Carlbom
Secondary Ventricular Fibrillation or Pulseless Ventricular Tachycardia During Cardiac Arrest and Epinephrine Dosing
Am J Crit Care May 2015 24:e22-e27; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015936

Victoria Bengualid, Goutham Talari, David Rubin, Aiham Albaeni, Ronald L. Ciubotaru, and Judith Berger
Fever in Trauma Patients: Evaluation of Risk Factors, Including Traumatic Brain Injury
Am J Crit Care March 2015 24:e1-e5; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015856

Kristin E. Sandau, Sue Sendelbach, Linda Fletcher, Joel Frederickson, Barbara J. Drew, and Marjorie Funk
CNE Article: Computer-Assisted Interventions To Improve QTc Documentation in Patients Receiving QT-Prolonging Drugs
Am J Crit Care March 2015 24:e6-e15; doi:10.4037/ajcc2015240

Mary Lou Sole, Steven Talbert, Daleen Aragon Penoyer, Melody Bennett, Steven Sokol, and Jason Wilson

Comparison of Respiratory Infections before and after Percutaneous Tracheostomy

Am J Crit Care November 2014 23:e80-e87; doi:10.4037/ajcc2014232

Kelly Tudor, Jill Berger, Barbara J. Polivka, Rachael Chlebowy, and Beena Thomas

Nurses’ Perceptions of Family Presence during Resuscitation

Am J Crit Care November 2014 23:e88-e96; doi:10.4037/ajcc2014484

Meredith Mealer, David Conrad, John Evans, Karen Jooste, Janet Solyntjes, Barbara Rothbaum, and Marc Moss

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Resilience Training Program for Intensive Care Unit Nurses

Am J Crit Care November 2014 23:e97-e105; doi:10.4037/ajcc2014747

Marjorie Funk, J. Tobey Clark, Thomas J. Bauld, Jennifer C. Ott, and Paul Coss

Attitudes and Practices Related to Clinical Alarms

Am J Crit Care May 2014 23:e9-e18; doi:10.4037/ajcc2014315

Christelle Lizy, Walter Swinnen, Sonia Labeau, Jan Poelaert, Dirk Vogelaers, Koenraad Vandewoude, Joel Dulhunty, and Stijn Blot

Cuff Pressure of Endotracheal Tubes After Changes in Body Position in Critically Ill Patients Treated With Mechanical Ventilation

Am J Crit Care January 2014 23:e1-e8; doi:10.4037/ajcc2014489

Michael T. McEvoy and Aryeh Shander

Anemia, Bleeding, and Blood Transfusion in the Intensive Care Unit: Causes, Risks, Costs, and New Strategies
Am J Crit Care November 2013 22:eS1-eS13; doi:10.4037/ajcc2013729

Carolina Keiko Yamamoto Honda, Flávio Geraldo Rezende Freitas, Patricia Stanich, Bruno Franco Mazza, Isac Castro, Ana Paula Metran Nascente, Antonio Toneti Bafi, Luciano Cesar Pontes Azevedo, and Flávia Ribeiro Machado

Nurse to Bed Ratio and Nutrition Support in Critically Ill Patients

Am J Crit Care November 2013 22:e71-e78; doi:10.4037/ajcc2013610

Encarna Chacón, Anna Estruga, Gastón Murias, Bernat Sales, Jaume Montanya, Umberto Lucangelo, Oscar Garcia-Esquirol, Ana Villagrá, Jesus Villar, Robert M. Kacmarek, María Jose Burgueño, Lluis Blanch, and Rosa Jam

Nurses’ Detection of Ineffective Inspiratory Efforts During Mechanical Ventilation

Am J Crit Care July 2012 21:e89-e93; doi:10.4037/ajcc2012108

Diane E. Holland, Lori M. Rhudy, Catherine E. Vanderboom, and Kathryn H. Bowles

Feasibility of Discharge Planning in Intensive Care Units: A Pilot Study

Am J Crit Care July 2012 21:e94-e101; doi:10.4037/ajcc2012173

Miriam Theilla, Betty Schwartz, Jonathan Cohen, Haim Shapiro, Ronit Anbar, and Pierre Singer

Impact of a Nutritional Formula Enriched in Fish Oil and Micronutrients on Pressure Ulcers in Critical Care Patients
Am J Crit Care July 2012 21:e102-e109; doi:10.4037/ajcc2012187

Lauren M. Broyles, Judith A. Tate, and Mary Beth Happ

Use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Strategies by Family Members in the Intensive Care Unit

Am J Crit Care March 2012 21:e21-e32; doi:10.4037/ajcc2012752

Norma A. Metheny, Andrew C. Mills, and Barbara J. Stewart

Monitoring for Intolerance to Gastric Tube Feedings: A National Survey

Am J Crit Care March 2012 21:e33-e40; doi:10.4037/ajcc2012647

Elizabeth D.E. Papathanassoglou, Maria N. K. Karanikola, Maria Kalafati, Margarita Giannakopoulou, Chrysoula Lemonidou, and John W. Albarran

Professional Autonomy, Collaboration With Physicians, and Moral Distress Among European Intensive Care Nurses

Am J Crit Care March 2012 21:e41-e52; doi:10.4037/ajcc2012205

Mary Beth Happ, Kathryn Garrett, Dana DiVirgilio Thomas, Judith Tate, Elisabeth George, Martin Houze, Jill Radtke, and Susan Sereika

Nurse-Patient Communication Interactions in the Intensive Care Unit

Am J Crit Care March 2011 20:e28-e40; doi:10.4037/ajcc2011433

Yong Yang, Zakir-Hussain Abdul Salam, Biauw Chi Ong, and Kok Soong Yang

Respiratory Dysfunction in Patients With Sepsis: Protective Effect of Diabetes Mellitus

Am J Crit Care March 2011 20:e41-e47; doi:10.4037/ajcc2011391

Stijn I. Blot, Mireia Llaurado Serra, Despoina Koulenti, Thiago Lisboa, Maria Deja, Pavlos Myrianthefs, Emilpaolo Manno, Emili Diaz, Arzu Topeli, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, and Jordi Rello, for the EU-VAP/CAP Study Group

Patient to Nurse Ratio and Risk of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients

Am J Crit Care January 2011 20:e1-e9; doi:10.4037/ajcc2011555

Louise Rose, Bronagh Blackwood, Suzanne M. Burns, Susan K. Frazier, and Ingrid Egerod

International Perspectives on the Influence of Structure and Process of Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation

Am J Crit Care January 2011 20:e10-e18; doi:10.4037/ajcc2011430

Teresa Ann Williams, Gavin D. Leslie, Robert Bingham, and Linda Brearley

Optimizing Seating in the Intensive Care Unit for Patients With Impaired Mobility

Am J Crit Care January 2011 20:e19-e27; doi:10.4037/ajcc2011239

Nancy M. Albert, Kelly Hancock, Terri Murray, Matthew Karafa, Jack C. Runner, Susan B. Fowler, Colleen Austel Nadeau, Karen L. Rice, and Susan Krajewski

Cleaned, Ready-to-Use, Reusable Electrocardiographic Lead Wires as a Source of Pathogenic Microorganisms

Am J Crit Care November 2010 19:e73-e80; doi:10.4037/ajcc2010304

Nele Brusselaers, Stan Monstrey, Thomas Snoeij, Dominique Vandijck, Christelle Lizy, Eric Hoste, Stefaan Lauwaert, Kirsten Colpaert, Linos Vandekerckhove, Dirk Vogelaers, and Stijn Blot

Morbidity and Mortality of Bloodstream Infections in Patients With Severe Burn Injury

Am J Crit Care November 2010 19:e81-e87; doi:10.4037/ajcc2010341

Nancy Lawson, Kim Thompson, Gabrielle Saunders, Jaya Saiz, Jeannette Richardson, Deborah Brown, Naomi Ince, Marc Caldwell, and Diana Pope

CE Article: Sound Intensity and Noise Evaluation in a Critical Care Unit

Am J Crit Care November 2010 19:e88-e98; doi:10.4037/ajcc2010180

Louise Rose, Ian Baldwin, Tom Crawford, and Rachael Parke

Semirecumbent Positioning in Ventilator-Dependent Patients: A Multicenter, Observational Study

Am J Crit Care November 2010 19:e100-e108; doi:10.4037/ajcc2010783

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