In the unfortunate event that you are sued for malpractice, the following suggestions could maximize the benefits of your professional liability insurance policy: Do not contact the claimant, because any statements you make can be used against you in a suit. Provide the insurer with as much information as possible. Monitor the case regularly by contacting the insurance adjuster assigned to the case and request copies of all documents generated. Communicate your feelings with the company about defending or settling the case. If you completely violated a standard of care such as giving an IV push medication to the wrong patient because of failure to check the patient's name bracelet, try to settle this case out of court. A jury would not likely be sympathetic to a nurse who injured a patient in this manner. Review the entire medical record and discuss your analysis with your attorney. Remember, as a policyholder, you have the right to demand that your claim be handled by a competent, professional lawyer. Unlike other professionals, attorneys are not required to have national certification. Defendants have the right to ask assigned attorneys about their malpractice experience. Does the attorney have a working knowledge of the procedures and technical jargon concerning the case? How many similar cases has the attorney handled? You have a right to these answers.

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