This research utilization project helped summarize the research basis of current practice related to duration of bed rest after cardiac catheterization via the femoral artery. Several physicians have changed their practice as a result of this project, and the safety of patients is being maintained. Interestingly, De Jong and Morton recently published a research analysis of interventions used to control vascular complications after cardiac catheterization. These authors concluded from the review of the literature on duration of bed rest that evidence was sufficient to support a change in practice. Because we thought that the published evidence was insufficient to be used as the sole basis for a change in practice, we continued to follow the Iowa model. Specifically, we integrated scientific principles and expert recommendations with the published research base; recommended a change in practice; and monitored patients' outcomes, which ultimately did confirm the recommendations of De Jong and Morton. We are convinced that the combination of data from our own patients and the review of the literature was helpful to assure our medical and nursing staff that this change in practice was safe. This project illustrates the benefit of using the Iowa Model for Research Based Practice to Promote Quality Care as a guide to improve patients' outcomes.

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